About Logan Stein...

Logan Stein, 18, is currently located near Los Angeles, California. As a child he was always very interested in the arts, especially theater. Some of his favorite performers include Angela Lansbury, Eden Espinosa, and Christopher Lloyd. Around the age of 14, Logan started to really take an interest in musical theater. It was then he started to notice composers such as Stephen Sondheim and appreciate how each composer is different. At age 15, Logan started his path as an improviser by joining the highly coveted ComedySportz team at Agoura High School. Learning improv from professionals, Logan practiced weekly while performing shows bi-weekly at Agoura High. Also at Agoura, Logan played his part as an actor by being in over 10 shows on its stage. During his 17th summer, Logan worked at the world head quarters of the internationally famous Neopets.com in Glendale, California. There he worked in the merchandise department. Right now, Logan is currently working hard with school preparing to go out into this so called "real world" (hence this website). He would love it if you offered him a job :)


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