Dear Logan,
This is one of those signed letters, from friends of Zach, that you asked for. Oh Logan, where to start? I guess while Iím writing you a letter, the thing that makes me the angriest is this situation with Lauren. Lauren is one of the kindest, most caring, and giving people I know. The fact that you enjoy the title of best friend absolutely blows my mind. You are selfish and undeserving; I honestly donít think that youíve even learned what it means to be a true friend yet. You are truly lucky to have Lauren. Donít think the way you treat her goes unnoticed either. While she gives and gives Ė and defends you, Logan Ė you call her ďclingyĒ behind her back. Would you like to know how I know that? Itís your own fault, you think everyone loves you. So you trust them. But you have way fewer friends than you think. In fact, a majority of the people are only nice so that they can keep things civil at school. How could you think everyone loves you? You arenít a nice person, a giving friend, or even a funny improv actor. Thatís right, people are on to the fact that you only have one character, and itís just you: the jumpy nervous kid. Ah yes, the shaky and terrified act, adorable in five year olds, tiring in eighteen year olds.

Logan, youíre the type of person who makes other people cry themselves to sleep at night. Not a particularly good trait in a human being. I almost pity you. It must be sad to walk into rooms and know people were just talking about you, or laughing at you. But I donít feel bad, because you deserve every bit of it and more. So, I often join in and poke fun at your weird Neopets obsession, and the fact that you think itíll take you somewhere in life. Also, I never really liked Eden Espinosa, sheís kind of weird; that Christmas picture you sent out the Christmas before last was one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen; and, your reproductive organ is microscopic. You can call me whatever, and try to tear me down. Iím sure youíll show this to people and try to turn them against me. And then Iím sure youíll make the mistake of thinking Iím going to care. Oh well, have a nice life. Maybe someday youíll amount to something more that a sniveling, space occupying, imbecile. I doubt it though.

Zach is great,
Shayna Woods