Cunt Customer

15 minutes to closing at my Frozen Yogurt place. I am at the register and I ring up this lady's order. She is short,
fat, prob around 46...and looks very unhappy. I ring up her order and she hands me a 5 dollar bill and a 1 dollar
bill and some coins. I give her her change and she gets to the door and comes back and says I gave you two 5.00
bills. I kindly and gently tell her she didn't and was so nice to her. I open up the register but of course all the
money looks the same so I can't tell which ones she gave me. I keep telling her it was a 1 and a 5 she gave me
and she gives me the dirtiest look I have ever gotten in my life and stares at me for a good 30 seconds ( I guess

she was retracing her steps in her mind but her face said money stealing piece of shit). She then starts
barking at me that she does not carry any one dollar bills in her purse so it must have been 2 fives. I finally just
give in and hand her the 4 dollars knowing that my register tomorrow will show that I was 4 dollars short.

On top of that I had to re ring up her order to see how much I owed her...and didn't delete it so the next guy that
paid got charged with her order. So I had to give even more money from the register to make up for his credit